Lydia is a passionate advocate for Yoga and its ability to heal + transform and is qualified to teach a number of styles of yoga listed below, incorporating mediation into all of her classes. Lydia is also a Qualified Reiki Practitioner and, where appropriate, incorporates this powerful energetic healing modality into her teaching.


restorative YOGA

Restorative yoga is a gentle style of yoga where the body is given the opportunity to fully relax and be supported by a number of props including bolsters, blankets and blocks. There is very little to no muscle activation in restorative yoga - giving you the opportunity to completely surrender to relaxation. 



Yin is an active long-hold-style of yoga which works on targeting specific areas within the body including bones and where they intercept (joints) and your body’s connective tissues. You will spend a few minutes in each pose, focusing on breath, so you can really notice how your body is responding. The poses are mostly floor-based so that you can best utilise gravity and your body weight to encourage an opening or shift in these tissues and joints.

Vinyasa + SLOW FLOW

Vinyasa means to consciously place. In Vinyasa we work to link our movement to breath while being aware of where our body is in space. Vinyasa is a heat-building style of yoga which incorporates a gentle warm up, sun salutations, a number of standing sequences, at times working to a peak pose, a floor and/or seated sequences and a restful savasana relaxation.  

Lydia’s approach to her slow flow classes is to hold poses long enough for it to fully integrate into you body, creating a full-bodied somatic experience giving you the opportunity to get off the merry-go-round of your busy mind,


You only transform in your comfort zone.
— Lydia Richards