About finding stillness when everything is changing around you


Finding stillness in my life and in my mind is something that I have struggled with a lot lately as I continue to transition from the corporate world into my new combo career of yoga teacher/PR freelancer.

Living in a state of flux can be difficult as you wait for things to settle. 

As can be remembering to have patience with yourself during any period of transition. But I want to know everything NOW and want to be the best yoga teacher ever, NOW!!…. Never mind that I have chosen for my new career a profession steeped in over 5,000 years of history…eek.

Becoming a yoga teacher is akin to riding on a rollercoaster. One day, life is wonderful – you’re totally backing yourself and feeling good about the decision to follow your passion... then the next day you teach a class which you think is just awful…these are the low days.

The yoga teaching rollercoaster is much like meditation... the practise is not so much about how long you can sit in stillness – rather more about how quickly you can return to a stillness from automatic thought mode. Eventually, however, you will get better at quietening the mind chatter.

And because of this, I know that eventually I will become more resilient and bounce back quicker on the low days. 

This constant change we create in our lives is attributed mostly to movement in our mind generated by our experiences, perceptions, memories, ego, attachment to outcomes or ideas and our assumptions based on not having the right or enough information. 

Seems like an unwinnable battle right? Maybe it is… but we may as well try. So here are some quick wins for you to consider. 

My top 5 ways to achieve inner stillness.. even for a little bit: 

  • Stop and take 3 DEEP breaths every day. Remember, one conscious breath is a mini meditation.
  • Listen to music at any opportunity...get a good set of headphones and listen at work, on the tram or as you’re doing the shopping – preferably music WITHOUT words. Delve into the sound and let go.
  • Eat mindfully. Think about each mouthful as you consume it and be thankful for the opportunity to refuel. This is something we tend to take for granted. 
  • Turn the television off one-hour earlier at night and instead pick up a book or better yet, have a conversation with your partner
  • Really listen. Try not to think about the clever thing you’re going to say in reply as someone is speaking to you. Stop thinking and really listen then consider your response.

Namaste xx