Our Founder Lydia Richards is a true believer in the power of yoga and the calm and clarity a regular practice can bring to your life.

Since her first yoga class 10 years ago, Lydia has been dragging friends and family to yoga and meditation classes and retreats in an effort to open their eyes to its magic.

Lydia’s passion for yoga eventually led her to Bali to complete her 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training, which provided her with the tools required to spread the magic of yoga with those ready and open to receive it.

Since then Lydia has undertaken study and further training in Yin and Restorative Yoga as well as Yoga Nidra.

Lydia's style and what to expect

Lydia teaches a number of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga + Yin Yoga.  More information on these styles can be found on our Class Descriptions page.  

The focus of each class is on linking movement to breath - opening up space in your heart in your mind for deeper connection with yourself and in all areas of your life.

As Lydia always says, "if you're consciously breathing then you're doing yoga."

Vinyasa classes are themed with strong links to Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga and generally include a peak pose with a warm up and standing sequences carefully selected to ensure your safety (and success) in the peak pose.  Clear directions for modifications in each pose are given and poses are held from between 3-5 breaths.

Students can expect at least one "Om" at the open and close of each class, powerful affirmations to use on and off the mat, and a combination of meditation and pranayama techniques to complement the physical practice. 

Lydia's qualifications & training:

  • 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher
  • 50 Hour Yin Teacher Training (Luminous Yoga
  • 18 Hour Restorative Teacher Training 
  • 18 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki – Level One
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator
  • Senior First Aid Certification