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Join Lydia and her collaborator Stephan Davis at Radiant Sol Yoga for this extended workshop style class that's designed to help beginners through to yogi-pros master the practice of yoga. This session is all about Standing Asanas.

Standing poses come up in any Vinyasa or Hatha type class. Knowing where to put your feet in relation to each other, your bone structure, for the next shape and of course what and where you're supposed to be feeling it will enhance your overall performance with yoga and as you move through Vinyasa Flows. 

This Masterclass will cover poses like:
- Downward dog
- Low and crescent lunge
- Arrowhead
- Warrior poses, I, II
- Side angle
- Triangle
- Lizard
- Skandasna
- Twists
- Gate
- Squats / Goddess
- Pyramid
- Chair

This Masterclass will include a warm up, Pose Lab where the Standing Asanas will be broken down, a Vinyasa Flow where everything is put together, a cool down and a lovely long savasana. 


General: $40
Members: $15 (please email )