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Re-align + Thrive with Lydia + Claire Bradshaw


…Forge your mighty path  

The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time for intention/sankalpa setting.  However if these intentions are not grounded in who you truly are, what you believe in and aligned with your personal values - it’s so easy to lose sight of them or fully connect with them.

Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, Claire Bradshaw and Yoga Teacher, Lydia Richards have lovingly designed this two-hour workshop incorporating a range of yoga practices and practical self-discovery activities, to guide you along a process to create and set intentions that are connected to your true and deepest desires.  

Our afternoon together will begin by connecting with the body through mindful movement, followed by some gentle restorative yoga and a guided meditation to quiet the mind in preparation to dive deep within.

You will then be guided through a series of practical exercises to uncover what’s important to you so that you can align your life with your deepest self.  

We will complete the workshop with a sound healing and meditation to consolidate all that you have discovered about yourself and plant your learnings like a seed into the deepest part of your unconscious mind.

 This will be a supportive and motivational workshop intended to have you excited and ready to take on your intentions with fresh energy, direction and vigour.

*This workshop will be the perfect follow on from part one of the series “Calm mind, open Heart” but is by no means essential prerequisite.

- Non-Members - $49
- Members $39 - please email to reserve your spot