empowerED you

Lydia Richards (aka Roar Spirit Yoga) utilises the power of ancient yogic practices to help you re-connect with who you are and develop the clarity and confidence you need to live a more purposeful life.

Our body yearns for health, balance and wellness. Lydia’s approach is to empower you with tools to help you heal yourself and take control of your own wellbeing by bringing into harmony your body, mind + spirit.

Yoga not only helps with your body’s flexibility and strength it is also extremely beneficial for your mental health helping to you to better manage the stress of life through increased mental resilience and cultivating a deeper self-awareness. 



Lydia is a passionate advocate for Yoga and its ability to heal + transform and is qualified to teach a number of styles of yoga + meditation including Nidra, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.

Lydia is also a Qualified Reiki Practitioner and, where appropriate, incorporates this powerful energetic healing modality into her teaching.



To Lydia, Yoga is so more than just making shapes on the mat.

Yoga helps you to [re] discover everything that you already are.

Yoga doesn’t ask you to change or be anything different to what you are - be that more skinny, fitter, smarter, happier or more flexible.

Yoga meets you where you are at NOW - whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally - and lights the way so that you may see that you are already everything you always dreamed you would become.